Innovative Technology

Chiaphua Components Group (CCG) develops competitive advantages for our customers with innovations developed at our world-class R&D center. Our engineers work closely with our diverse customer base to develop competitive solutions that are tailored for their needs.

CCG offers a complete line of technologically advanced solutions. The R&D center is mandated to focus its efforts on developing different types of energy efficient electric motors and motion components. New motion applications are also constantly being developed in conjunction with the company’s customers to ensure perfect compatibility with their products.

Unlike other motor suppliers, CCG’s engineering system prevents the selling of our motors and components by catalogue as every model is customized for an individual customer. With this system in place, customers are assured that every component they receive from CCG is designed with their exact specifications in mind. Our total solutions are a combination of our innovation and close working partnership with our customers and suppliers. We are recognized around the world for providing both high quality products and best in class technology.