Sustainable development is one of our strategic plans, CCG is dedicated to socially responsible interaction with its partners worldwide. Our commitment to social responsibility includes policies and practices on human rights, ethical practices, environmental responsibility and community engagement. The policies and practices carried out by the Group reflect our commitment to creating our product that is safer, more efficient, and respectful to our environment.

By incorporating the initiatives from product development and operations to supply chain as well as cooperation with our customers, those policies are based on the stringent global standards, focusing on production processes that less impact on the environment, biodiversity and waste management. Our plants are being certified to ISO14000 (Environmental Management) standards. We commit to manage our activities to limit the environmental impact.


We strive to reduce our own energy consumption while manufacturing sustainable solutions through product development to maintain value and not creating waste.

  • Develop products with low energy consumption in materials
  • Improve our energy efficiency in production
  • Reducing water use
  • Optimize transportation and logistics

CCG’s Hazardous Substances Management List

RoHS directive

REACH regulation

Social Responsibility

CCG develops a good working environment at all its sites and department.

  • Comply with health and safety policies
  • Create a sense of community fosters an environmental protection
  • Promote diversity of our employees at all levels
  • Acting a responsible corporate citizen means acting with integrity and trustworthy
  • Constantly give to charitable causes and establish numerous scholarships to provide those who are less fortunate with the opportunity for higher education

Scholarship & Charity


Our framework of global business ethics, compliance policies and code of conduct serve as the base for the trust. This applies to our employees as well as to our business partners and suppliers.

  • Supply chain management including prevention of environment
  • Avoid corruption and anti-competitive practices through our ethics and compliance integrity
  • Ensure our ability to adapt increasing customer expectations on sustainability
  • Develop relevant strategies and solutions for meeting requirements

For Suppliers:
Hazardous Substances Declaration of Conformity

Declaration Form of Product Materials

Conflict Minerals Requirement

HS Management Manual

Business Ethics Policy

For any information about sustainability, please email to, we will answer to you as soon as possible.